Use a Trap and You know How to Catch Squirrel

Although the kids might spend hours trying to catch a squirrel without success, you can achieve the task and make the squirrels causing you grief a worry of the past. The kids enjoy the time they spend running through the yard trying to catch squirrels, but you can probably think of many more things you’d rather do. You’ve come to the right place if you want to know how to catch squirrel.

There are several reasons that catching a squirrel is something that you want to do. For most, it is a problem with the squirrels that causes their desire to remove them. No matter why you want the squirrels gone, you can catch them easily, and without running in circles like the little ones.

Traps Catch Squirrels the Easy Way

KBMDC recommends the use of traps to catch squirrels. Many reasonably priced traps are available for purchase. These cages safely catch the squirrel after its been sat in a place where squirrels often gather. The cages don’t cause the animal any harm, and can be used multiple times.

To properly use the trap to catch the squirrel, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, bait the squirrel before you actually try to catch him in the trap. You can bait him into the area by setting out nuts, grains, or other squirrel-friendly foods. Repeat this procedure for two to three days, at a minimum, to build trust with the squirrel.

Now, you want to set the trap. The location of the trap is very important, and a decision that can make or break the catch. Be sure that you leave bait inside of the trap, too. You want the squirrel to come into the cage, after all, and there isn’t a better way to get him inside than by baiting him with food!

Place something on top of the cage to hold it down. Although every squirrel doesn’t react in the same manner, some become very afraid and aggressive when they’re unable to get out. They might turn the cage over and free themselves, but as long as you have placed something on the top of the trap, this shouldn’t be a concern. There are several other reasons why you should use something heavy on top of the cage, so make sure that you complete this step!

Now that you know how to make the squirrel catch, aren’t you eager to put your skills to the test and make the catch without delay? Squirrels can be a lot of fun when they come play in your yard. But, it is a whole new story when the squirrels won’t leave, or when they are causing damage or mess to your home. This isn’t something that you must put up with! You can be a squirrel catching pro, even if it is your first time, if you use the above information to aid you in the catch. It is worth your time when squirrels are a problem in your life.