Politics and Controversy with Chris Phelps

Two words that will start an argument anywhere, any time: Donald Trump. Currently serving as the POTUS, he wasn’t elected into office without controversy, nor has his short stint in office already caused quite a bit of talk. There’s little wonder why the election of D. Trump caused so much controversy, and still causes debate today.

No Political Experience

Like most of us, Donald Trump has his political views, which he’s expressed publicly many times. He was once a proud member of the Democratic party, but shortly later, proudly boasted as a Republican party member. He has his views, and we’ve often seen him conflicting even his own statements. But, people change, as dos their views and opinions. But, does any of this make him any more special than the rest of us, especially to run the country? Sure, he is a business professional and real estate billionaire, but again, that’s a whole other ballgame when compared to running the country. People have their varying opinions here, but it is definitely a topic that many concern themselves with.

Is He a Racist?

Build a wall! Those three words were heard throughout the 2016 Presidential Election. Immigration is certainly a major issue on U.S. soil, and many think the wall is a great idea. Naysayers, on the other hand, think the wall is nothing more than a waste of taxpayer funding, considering that states in the U.S. are without clean drinking water, or even the fact that a wall is unlikely to stop immigration problems.

What Does He Say?

Chris Phelps is another person like you and I. He has an opinion, and he isn’t afraid to express what he feels. One look at his blog will pique your interest. He has a way of saying what is on his mind like no other, and he isn’t afraid to tell you what he wants to say. You should look at Phelps videos if you want a laugh, or someone that you can relate to. Bet you can’t watch just one of his raving rants!


Perhaps the most controversial issues of all right now is the universal health care plan imitated by President Barack Obama. Known as Obamacare, many people are not impressed with the plan offered. One reform health care act has been sent to congress, but failed to pass. And so, the controversy over this health insurance act continues forth as some people believe in the coverage, while others despise it.

Does He Care About America?

Some people feel in their heart of hearts that Donald Trump is nothing but a money-hungry billionaire with an inkling for more power. Others are convinced that every act he initiates is done with the best interest of the American people at heart. Where do you stand on the matter? Watch Phelps and you can take your mind off of the presidential drama, and focus on other things for a change. And, of course, you may even catch Phelps on a politicial rant, too!